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Why Portex ?

In an ever-evolving industry influenced by trends, it is important that what remains is dependable and meets the needs of an assorted audience. Portex does this as we offer a design product that is timeless and appeals to different industry professionals within the home and design area.


Our doors undergo a series of inspections prior to delivery and are thoughtfully delivered packaged with protection foil, encased inside a wooden box to ensure safe arrival. Our doors are engineered with the finest mdf and pinewood materials and are intended to withstand extended time and usage.


Where design is to be considered, Portex is a pioneer in our industry as we are positioned to offer both unconventional and time-honored custom pieces from selection of unlimited combinations and design options.


Portex is a thoughtful choice among architects because they can appreciate the craftsmanship and practical functionality that goes into every portex-manufactured door and accompanying hardware. Architects, by profession, are creators and rely on meticulous details and an astute acumen for spartial design to pull together a complete project. Our doors are custom-crafted to anchor any given space and offer a generous selection of design options that pacifies even the choosiest of architect professionals. 


Portex is a “shoppers’s paradise” for designers who wish to deliver functionality and flush design to their cultured and market-conscious clients With an artistically-refined collection of countless design options from which a buyer can choose, designers can rely on Portex to deliver a custom product that appeases the design aesthetic of their industry-savvy and budget-discerning clients. 


Portex is a sound endorsement among contractors for several reasons. Firstly, the time-crunched contractor benefits from an abbreviated lead time of 2-4 weeks on all standard production-line models. is industry rarity eliminates unwanted overlapping of projects waiting for the arrival of materials and ensures that the most fundamental home accessories is in place before project completion.
Secondly, contractors can relay on precise customization of door dimensions to provide an exact fit to any door opening. This feature will excite the contractor in that as it makes provisions for an easy install without secondary adjustments and also facilitates immaculate replacements in already finished spaces. Lastly, Portex is a sensible choice among contractors because of its inclusive packaging upon delivery. All doors from Portex come standard with the following : door panel frame with fitting rubber, door hinges and lock already installed, door handle (optional). is no-hassle bundle only adds to the incredibly functional characteristics of a door purchased from Portex. 


The ultimate benefactor or the high quality and luxe designs offered by Portex is the homeowner/buyer. Our attention and purposed focus is on providing all of our customers with a holistically sound customer experience that far exceeds what one would expect from a company who sells doors. At Portex, we have exhausted every known resource available in the home and design industry in order to anticipate the needs of our design-oriented customer. We understand that total customer satisfaction begins and ends with exceptional customer service. Additionally, we offer an abbreviated lead time of 2-4 weeks in all standard production-line models when our competitors can only guarantee a lead of time 4-8 weeks. Undoubtedly, Portex proves to be a solid choice among those who enjoy the dynamics of selection, quality, affordability, function and unique design with an appreciation of long-standing business integrity.