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Armored doors with laminate surfaces and aluminium inlays

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Inox line

Laminate surfaces with decorative inox inlays

Laminate surfaces with Aluminium line inlays. Choose the laminate surface. Add the decoration. The door panel surface is curved 3 mm in depth and the curved design preserves the analogy of the door panel dimensions, the decorated line (5 mm thickness, coated with aluminium) is applied. Application on laminate surfaces for interior doors.


Custom designs can be made according to your specifications.

Model Inox 111T

Model Inox 112

Model Inox 121

Model Inox 122

Model Inox 123

Model Inox 203

Model Inox 211

Model Inox 212

Model Inox 213

Model Inox 221

Model Inox 222

Model Inox 223

Model Inox 301

Model Inox 302

Model Inox 403